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Molly Maguire: About

 "In her quiet earnestness, Molly Maguire is a powerhouse, lulling unsuspecting listeners into an introspective journey ranging from inspiring to heartbreaking." Sandon Berg, producer MORGAN.

Every so often a musician comes along who reminds us to stay true to ourselves and gives us a reason to listen more closely.  Molly Maguire is that artist.  A singer-songwriter from Bolinas, CA, her music is inspired by folk, pop and jazz influences.  Naked, her first album with bassist Michael Burton, was signed by Sugo Music out of Half Moon Bay; its first track Ashes was placed in the film Morgan directed by Michael Akers (Sept. 2011).  

Bike, Molly’s second album was released in 2013, again featuring Michael Burton on bass, as well as various other musicians.  The subtle, yet rich arrangements gracefully support the song writing, allowing the listener to drift and get lost inside the album’s sounds. 

In 2014, Molly Maguire has expanded her sound, adding new bassist Michael Bello, percussionist and singer Amber Hines, and cellist Katy Boyd in her new group Milly Wandering.  They are working on her third album and project Hot Air Balloon.  The first music video was released in the fall of 2015.

In the meantime, Molly Maguire has a couple other projects.  She is launching a solo live recording series of cover songs called Live Studio Sessions.  Released in July of 2016, it is a break-away from her albums of the past. Entirely comprised of cover tunes from songwriters Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Tom Petty and more, Molly performs her favorite songs accompanied only by herself and her instruments. Tired of the trends of modern day sounds, the tracks are free from auto-tune, overdubs, edits, and computer generated sounds in an authentic effort to make “real” music.

In 2016, she also founded the jazz quintet Lida Street, with extraordinary players Michael Bello (bass), Isaac Carter (guitar), Piro Patton (bass), and Michael Pinkham (drums.)  Lida Street  focuses on vocal jazz standards.

Molly is a graduate of the Mills College music composition program in Oakland, CA.  She is the recipient of the Paul Merritt Henry Prize in Composition and the Myrta Bennett Wieland Prize for Excellence in Vocal Music.  Molly is heard throughout the San Francisco Bay area playing solo, and as a guest artist, as well as with her bands Milly Wandering, and the jazz quintet Lida Street.

"When you come out to hear and see Molly, you go home inspired.  You want to kiss and breathe in whomever is with you…whomever you see.  The music is like some healing silver ethereal unseen elixir-dipped chord attaching us all together.   Bathe in the fog with it and her."   --Rhett Dunlap, Writer LOTFIP

"One of the most 'from-the-heart' albums we've heard in years...a singer-songwriter that tells stories of family & friends, love lost & love found!"  --Stevan Pasero, Producer/Sugo Music