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Molly Maguire: Links

Milly Wandering

Please take a chance to check out my band Milly Wandering's official website!  (But don't worry, you can find concert dates here as well.)

Facebook Page

Be sure give the page a thumbs up so you can stay up to date.

Pandora Radio Artist Page

Click here to visit my page on Pandora, and then create a station to listen to some songs from Naked and also similar artists.

Jango Radio

Click on this link to listen to my internet radio station on Jango.

Morgan Film Site

This is the website for the film Morgan where Ashes is featured.  A great film--highly recommended.

La Mission Film Site

Be sure to rent this beautiful film about a young Latino man growing up gay in the Mission District in SF.  If you listen carefully, you can hear ME singing with Melody Ferris in the scene where the father and neighbor fall in love....

Sugo Music Group

For licensing, distribution, synchronization, and broadcast, contact Sugo Music Group.